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These recipes used to be offered in the Recipe Library at before the site was taken down. These recipes are in MasterCook export format.

INTERNET EXPLORER USERS: You can LEFT click on the links below and choose SAVE AS from the File menu to save the files to your computer to import into MasterCook later. (If you use SAVE TARGET AS by right clicking, it won't import as well, so don't do it that way.)

NETSCAPE USERS: Copy the file and save it in WordPad. However, be sure to save it as a PLAIN text file (*.txt) and then import that *.txt file you saved.

GETTING THE RECIPES INTO MASTERCOOK: Just open a cookbook in MasterCook and then choose IMPORT from the File menu inside the MasterCook program to import each text file. (MasterCook can only import from one file at a time; however, that one file can contain several recipes that will be imported.)

AlcoholicBeverages.txt AllAppetizerRecipes.txt
AllBeverageRecipes.txt AllBreadRecipes.txt
AllBreakfastRecipes.txt AllCondimentRecipes.txt
AllCookieRecipes.txt AllDesertRecipes.txt
AllSaladRecipes.txt AllSoupandStewRecipes.txt
AllVegetableandSideDishRecipes.txt Asparagus.txt
BakedGoods.txt Beef.txt
Biscotti.txt BiscottiRecipes.txt
BiscuitsandScones.txt BreadMachineRecipes.txt
Brownies.txt Cajun.txt
Cakes.txt Candy.txt
Casseroles.txt Cereals.txt
Cheesecakes.txt ChickenWings.txt
Chili.txt Chinese.txt
Chowders.txt Christmas.txt
CincodeMayo.txt Crawfish.txt
Cucumbers.txt CustardsandPuddings.txt
Diabetic.txt Dips.txt
DipsandSpreads.txt DogBiscuits.txt
Easter.txt Eggs.txt
Fish.txt Frosting.txt
Fruit.txt German.txt
Greek.txt HomeBrew.txt
Indian.txt Italian.txt
JamsandJellies.txt JustForFunRecipes.txt
Korean.txt Lamb.txt
Marinades.txt Mexican.txt
Muffins.txt NonalcoholicBeverages.txt
Oysters.txt Pasta.txt
Pastries.txt Pickled Dishes.txt
Pies.txt Popcorn.txt
Pork.txt Potatoes.txt
Poultry.txt QuickBreads.txt
Rice.txt Sandwiches.txt
Sauces.txt Shellfish.txt
Smoothies.txt Soups.txt
Sourdough.txt Spreads.txt
Stews.txt Sweetbread.txt
Szechwan.txt Thanksgiving.txt
Tomatoes.txt Tuna.txt
Vegetarian.txt VegetarianMainDishes.txt
YeastBreads.txt Zucchini.txt