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Cookbook Recovery


I have collected tips and other information about using MasterCook versions 5 and above that users have shared on the message board and e-mail lists and things I have learned from the MasterCook Team and put all the information into a MasterCook versions 5+ cookbook called A Collection of Tips and FAQs for MasterCook Versions 5+. I felt it would be nice to have this information inside MasterCook for easy access and to be able to search, etc. Therefore, I created a 'cookbook' with each tip being a 'recipe'. You can download this 'cookbook' from the DOWNLOAD section of this web site.

I would like to thank everyone on the old Sierra MasterCook message boards and e-mail lists for sharing their wonderful ideas. I would also like to thank the MasterCook Development Team for their assistance throughout the years.

Pam Erickson


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