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Reinstalling MasterCook


Cookbook Recovery

Is your program misbehaving or acting differently than expected? Did the web import bar suddenly quit working?

A reinstallation is likely in order. You must perform the below four steps to ensure a correctly installed program.

1. Back Up Files

Back up your files first before proceeding. MasterCook 9 comes with a Backup utility. Use it to back up your files to another location on your computer. (Note of caution: It can't back up or write to a CD though.) Otherwise, there are instructions here for older versions of MasterCook: Topic 1 "Backing Up Your Files" which also includes instructions for restoring them later.

2. Uninstall

The first thing you need to do is uninstall the program by using the Add or Remove Programs window from the Windows Control Panel.

3. Remove Remnants

After uninstalling there are files and folders that are left behind within the MasterCook folder on the computer. These will prevent new, fresh files from installing properly. If you are using the latest version you will find the MasterCook 9 folder within the Program Files folder on the computer. Delete the entire MasterCook 9 folder and all its content (Your files should be safely backed up elsewhere as explained above.)

At this point you should RESTART THE COMPUTER to ensure the computer is ready to proceed.

4. Prepare For Installation

To install the program you MUST be using an administrator account on the computer. If you are using Vista or Windows 7, please read this entire article first: MasterCook and Vista.

Before you install, it is extremely important that you CLOSE ALL RUNNING programs on the computer as directed, including disabling the virus scanner, internet security programs, spyware programs, etc. since these are known to interfere with a complete and successful installation. While you are left vulnerable you would, of course, disconnect from the internet.

Failing to close all programs before installing has caused a "corrupt" installation for many others in the past. These "security" programs are designed to scrutinize files being placed on your computer. Although this is important when another program, behind your back, is trying to install viruses for these to be interfered, an installation routine that is trying to place files on your computer DOES NOT need interference. In fact it causes problems instead. Generally these problems aren't apparent until you go to use the program, and it behaves differently than expected or differently than what most other users experience.

Now you are ready to insert the disk into the drive and run the installation routine. If you get the installation screen, and it says RUN instead of INSTALL, browse the CD with Windows Explorer and manually run the MCSetup.exe file from there instead of the setup.exe file. This will bypass that installation splash screen and allow the program to install.

Addition Information

After you perform the installation and before you restore your back-up files, run the program and verify that everything works as expected. Does the program crash when you go to create a new cookbook or recipe? The most common reason for this problem is that your language settings are for something other than English (United States). In the Windows Control Panel open the Regional and Language Settings. Make sure you have English (United States) selected on BOTH the Regional Options tab AND on the Advanced tab for Language for non-unicode programs.

There are some additional settings to check for the web import toolbar. There's a list in this article: Topic 31 "Web Import Bar Doesn't Work"

If you continue to have problems after doing all the above another program could be interfering and causing problems. You can disable the startup items and try to use MasterCook and see if that helps. Follow these steps:

1) Click the Start button.
2) Click the Run option.
3) On the Run window, type in "msconfig" without the quotes in the Open field.
4) Click the OK button. This will open the System Configuration window.
5) Click the Diagnostic Startup option on the General tab.
6) Click the OK button.
7) A window will open with a message indicating that it will need to restart. Click the Restart button.

Once the computer finishes rebooting, please try again to see if the problem occurs.

If you wish to re-enable all your startup items, please perform the following steps:

1) Repeat steps 1-4 from above.
2) Click the Normal Startup option on the General tab.
3) Click the OK button.
4) A window will open with a message indicating that it will need to restart. Click the Restart button.

When the computer finishes rebooting, all formerly disabled startup applications
will have been re-enabled.

Where to Find Additional Help

bulletJoin us on the MasterCook Discussion Yahoogroup.
bulletWhile using MasterCook press the F1 key at the top of your keyboard to access a database of instruction. It's in depth. You can print them, too. Some of the images have clickable areas to them. Hover your mouse over the different areas of an image to locate them. Click to read the additional tidbits.
bulletThere is a PDF version of the printed manual in the FILES section of the MasterCook Discussion Yahoogroup. You can download it and use it. However, it doesn't contain nearly the amount of instruction that is accessible within the program itself by using the F1 key.